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Must-Have Cleaning & Organizing Home Products

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I’ve lived in my fair share of small spaces — from sharing a tiny bedroom with my sister and several apartments with roommates to squeezing into an under 300-square-foot studio with my now husband and dog and, even smaller recently, a single bedroom at my in-laws’ home as we saved up for a down payment.

But, after nearly eight years of renting, two years of aggressively saving, and months of searching — we finally found and bought our first home. It’s a feat I’m still sitting with and can’t believe is possible, especially in such a competitive market

I am feeling so many things — grateful, happy, excited, and a bit stressed out. I’ve never owned my own place before, let alone had this much room ever. (I actually have bedrooms, plural, what even is that?)

When I was preparing for the big move, the long escrow period allowed me time to think about and dream up everything I possibly needed for the home, including some must-have organizing and cleaning supplies.

Here are 18 items (that’s just the tip of the iceberg!) that have bubbled up to the top of my wish list as a cleaning and organizing editor.

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