Opera Gloves Are Everywhere Right Now—Here Are 8 Pairs to Wear

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Opera Gloves Are Everywhere Right Now—Here Are 8 Pairs to Wear

Making a statement these days is all about accessories, from tiny bags to towering shoes, but the finishing touch of the moment is a little more unexpected: opera gloves. No longer relegated to TV costumes and Disney princesses, elbow-length gloves add old-school glamour to basically any outfit, which is exactly why they won’t stop popping up on red carpets, runways, and your FYP.  

At first glance, the trend feels like it’s coming out of nowhere, but the resurgence of the opera glove was inevitable. Old-money aesthetics are back in style on TikTok, from tennis- and Plazacore to coquette, harking back to the days when long satin or lace gloves were a necessity for high-society swans. There are notes of Bridgerton and Blonde here, too; fittingly, the accessory popped up at both projects’ 2022 premieres.

Celebrities and their stylists have taken note, too: Florence Pugh channeled a rebellious debutante in a sheer pair and a see-through dress back in June. Lizzo accented her showstopper of a gown with the gloves at the VMAs. On the set of a music video, Bella Hadid sported a lace pair while clacking away on her laptop. And Camila Mendes and Kris Jenner both gave dominatrix in opera gloves styled with matching green mesh and black satin corsets, respectively.

Of course, long gloves are distinctly feminine, complimenting a flowy dress or softening a power suit. Worn with corsetry, dark leather, and heavy boots, however, any pair of opera gloves (not just the pleather and latex ones) takes on a punk edge. No matter how you style them, though, covering up skin has never felt quite so sexy.

Dipping your toes (fingers?) into the trend is actually easier than it looks. You can never go wrong with monochrome, so it’s smart to pick up a tulle or satin pair that’ll match your favorite dress—and protect your hands from a chilly cocktail. Go for a little more visual texture by adding pearl-studded mesh or Julia Fox-worthy leather to the mix. If you’re really hoping to make a statement, patterned pairs are ideal for power-clashing. And when the weather turns, cashmere or wool-knit gloves will become your hero daytime accessories. Plus, you can still text and snap a pic through the thin material—despite their old-timey provenance, most of the gloves are surprisingly tech-friendly.

Opera gloves will probably not work with every fall outfit you put together, but they shine as statement accessories for fancier occasions, like dinners out or fancy weddings. If you’re ready to give your current wardrobe a glamorous spin, add these eight picks to your closet.

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