Toddler Caught Mimicking Brother-in-Law’s Behavior Goes Viral: ‘Role Model’

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Toddler Caught Mimicking Brother-in-Law’s Behavior Goes Viral: ‘Role Model’

The internet was left in stitches after a video showing a toddler mimicking his dad’s behavior went viral on social media, prompting users to laugh at the “good role model.”

The video, shared on TikTok by the boy’s aunt, under the username lottyv1990, shows the father of the boy raising his middle finger at the door cam while passing by it, and seconds after, the toddler can also be seen running that way, doing the same gesture with his hand.

The clip came with a caption that said: “So nice to see my brother-in-law being a good role model. Watch my little nephew.”

Children imitate their parents all the time. In fact a study by Mark Nielsen, a psychologist at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia, published by, explains that such practice is a means of survival and happens not only in developed societies, but probably everywhere in the world.

A stock image shows a child imitating an adult. The internet was left in stitches after the video of a boy imitating his father on door cam went viral: “good role model.”
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To try to prove this, Nielsen studied multiple African Bushmen communities to see if a difference in culture meant children were less likely to imitate their parents, and it didn’t. “It is knowing the way things are done, not what gets done, that is important,” Nielsen said.

The video, first shared on the platform on Monday, has so far been viewed over 2 million times and liked 190,000 times.

One user, Kez962 commented: “Creased. my sons got an uncle like that too lol.” And Kimmy Jones added: “I did this to my sister’s camera once & when my 7 yr old went wiv my mum the next time he did & she was not happy but my sister was laughing.” Dani Cole added: “the GASP.”

Another user, Glyn Cox491 said: “My nieces and nephews and great nephew and niece would be the same.” And Gc8 joked: “this is me as an uncle, taught my nephew the same thing.”

Samantha Miller commented: “My son doesn’t even need a role model for that he’s done that since birth no joke.” And Kelly B wrote: “My nephew same always [sticking his finger] up.” Benwright3125 said: “haha I can’t stop watching this.”

Another user, BriannaMarigliano wrote: “my partner is like this with my kids.” And Scottishhiker16 said: “Character building. Brilliant!”

April Danielle Spence wrote: “That was the cutest middle finger I ever saw lmao awww.” And SirMochaKnight added: “Can’t get angry at that… it’s f***ing adorable.”

Newsweek reached out to lottyv1990 for comment. We could not verify the details of the case.

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