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World’s Best bar Dante NYC shares its secret

NEW YORK — It’s likely you’ve had an espresso martini. Last summer, the caffeinated cocktail made headlines for its post-lockdown popularity. It continues to be an oft-ordered drink at bars — including at Caffe Dante, a New York City institution that’s among the Top 50 World’s Best Bars.

But Dante’s “Another Espresso Martini” isn’t the typical espresso vodka drink found at most bars. The $19 cocktail has a bit of a twist. 

Head bartender Eloy Pacheco, who has eight years of mixology experience including four at Dante, refocuses the drink with tequila.

“Coffee is a part of Dante’s DNA and our exclusive blend makes a difference in our coffee cocktails,” Pacheco says. “And since the Espresso Martini is the cocktail of the moment, we decided to create a variation for it, this time with Tequila and Galliano.”

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Dante originally opened in 1915.

Pacheco says that the bitterness of the Galliano, an Italian herbal liqueur, and the spiciness from the chili tincture create a “perfect balance.”

The process for making the drink starts in the morning, before Dante opens.

One key to preparing “Another Espresso Martini” is making espresso in advance and keeping it chilled. If mixed while the espresso is hot, the martini could become watery due to ice melt.

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