5 Quick And Easy Grilled Chicken Snacks You Must Try

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5 Quick And Easy Grilled Chicken Snacks You Must Try

Chicken is most versatile of all meats. It takes well to different spices and flavours and can be cooked by almost any cooking method. You can have it baked, poached, smoked, fried or braised; it never fails to disappoint – no matter how you cook it. Speaking of cooking styles, grilling is probably one of the best and most popular ways to cook chicken. It ensures that you do not miss out on any of its nutritional value which makes it ideal for weight loss. While the process of grilling may seem like a herculean task, let us tell you it is actually quite simple. Considering this, here we bring you a list of quick and easy grilled chicken snack recipes that will be ready in no time. So, without further ado, let’s learn how to make them. 

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Here Are 5 Grilled Chicken Snack Recipes You Can Make At Home: 

1.Chicken Tangdi (Our Recommendation) 

Let’s start the list with our favourite one. Chicken legs are marinated in a flavoursome paste and then grilled on a tandoor until perfection. These chicken drumsticks are soft, succulent and ideal to serve at a dinner party. Click here for the recipe.  

2.Grilled Chicken Sizzler 

This grilled chicken sizzler is sure to impress your taste buds as well as appetite. The best part about this recipe is that you do not require a sizzling tray for it. A griller pan would yield similar results. Click here for the recipe. 

3.Grilled Chicken Sandwich 

Next up, we bring you a delectable chicken sandwich recipe. This grilled sandwich is made with boiled chicken, lettuce, bell peppers, mayonnaise and chaat masala. It is healthy and doesn’t take much time to prepare. Click here for the recipe. 


4. 3-Ingredients Grilled Chicken 

As the name suggests, this recipe requires only three ingredients. Chicken chunks are marinated in hung curd and tandoori chicken masala and roasted on medium-high flame until done. It tastes best when served with mint chutney. Click here for the recipe. 


5.Thai Grilled Chicken 

If you’re a fan of Thai food and its distinctive aroma, then this recipe is just for you! In this recipe, tandoori chicken is prepared using Thai red curry paste which gives it a unique taste. You can serve it as an appetiser or snack for your next get-together. Click here for the recipe. 


Try out these delicious grilled chicken snacks and let us know which one is your favourite in the comments below.  

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