5 Baked Indian Snacks To Pair With Your Evening Tea

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5 Baked Indian Snacks To Pair With Your Evening Tea

Who doesn’t love a cup of tea? The scrumptious combination of a piping hot cup of tea along with delectable snacks makes for one of the most delicious treats in the world! A bite of crispy and fried snacks along with ‘kadak chai’ can bring a warm smile to almost everybody’s face. However, most of the Indian snacks are deep-fried which can hamper one’s diet and cause many health-related issues. Hence, we have managed to bring the quintessential Indian snacks with a healthy twist. Wondering how? Well, all these snacks are baked instead of deep-fried. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started with the list. Take a look below.

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Here’re 5 Baked Indian Snacks You Must Try:

1. Baked Samosa – Our Recommendation

Let’s start the list with the recipe we love the most. Whether you eat it on a rainy day or make it when your guests come over, samosas are the one thing which is suitable for all situations. Find the recipe here.

2. Baked Shakerpare

Shakarpare is a popular Indian snack, widely available in Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Karnataka. We bring to you a crunchy, crispy namak pare recipe to enjoy with tea without fretting over oil and sugar! Click here for the recipe.


3. Baked Namak Para

Another popular Indian snack! This snack is usually made of maida along with suji and deep fried till crisp, but here is a healthier namak para recipe that you’ll love to indulge in and not regret later. Click here.


4.Baked Almond Kofta

Next up, we bring to you a light and delicious snack to savour at a dinner party or a family get-together. Find the complete recipe here.

5. Baked Multigrain Murukku

Murukku is originally a deep fried South Indian snack; this recipe is a lot healthier since it is made with nutritious ragi flour and is filled with the goodness of oats and protein-rich urad dal, which is then baked to perfection. Find the recipe here.

Try out these recipes as your next tea-time snacks and let us know how they turned out in the comments below.

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