POSOBIEC: FBI Agents Received Awards for Kneeling to ‘America’s New Secular Religion’ of ‘DIE’ | Human Events

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POSOBIEC: FBI Agents Received Awards for Kneeling to ‘America’s New Secular Religion’ of ‘DIE’ | Human Events

Human Events Daily host Jack Posobiec slammed the FBI and the agents from the Washington, DC field office who knelt down before Black Lives Matter activists after a protest on June 4, 2020. The kneelers were rewarded with a $100 gift card by the FBI Agents Association (FBIAA). 

Writing for the New York Post, retired FBI Supervisory Special Agent James A. Gagliano said, “Shocking and appalling on its face, looked at in a larger context, this disgusting decision proves the rot and decay at the FBI is not singularly the domain of some senior officials.” 

In a report originally published by the Washington Times, a “presence patrol” responsible for looking over the National Archives and the Supreme Court confronted an incensed group of BLM protestors and took a knee in response. The act was described as a de-escalation effort by FBI executive management. Not all the agents supplicated to the protestors, but at least seven were confirmed to have knelt. A high-ranking counterterrorism special agent also hugged every protestor.

The FBIAA gave the kneelers gift cards of “modest value.”

After showing the video of the kneeling, Posobiec said, “what you’re hearing there for those of you on the audio podcast, were the celebratory cheers of illegal rioters for Black Lives Matter cheering as police officers, and also, as we remember, FBI agents knelt down and genuflected to them in the street here in the United States of America.”

“They were given no order to do this,” said Posobiec. “No one got on the radio and said ‘make sure you bow down, make sure you take a knee.’ My family, we take a knee every single Sunday morning when we get in our pew at church. When it’s time to kneel before God, every single Sunday morning, but you kneel to no man.”

“This is what the FBI has done. Now we see that not only did they receive praise and accolades from rioters, looters, and insurrectionists, this was DC after all. We’re told that they received awards. The agents who knelt down to Black Lives Matter received awards. Not directly from the FBI, but what it is, is the A.A., the agents association for the FBI.”

“They awarded the FBI agents for this, they said ‘hey, we love what you did. Great job. We’re here to support you.’ They get gift cards and these nice awards. Is this the kind of America that you want? The kind of America where Steve Bannon goes to jail. If only Steve Bannon had been marching up and down Kay street, setting things on fire, setting the historic St. John church on fire next to the White House, if only he’d have been with them, he would have been perfectly fine. He would have received an apology from the federal government. If only Steven K Bannon had been protesting Trump’s inauguration and attacking it as Antifa did. Remember, the J20 defendants from Trump’s inauguration who attacked not only were all their charges filed and dropped… But they received a $1.2 million settlement from the ACLU and the city of Washington, DC. That’s what they got.”

“The FBI that will go after pro-life activists, that will go after you, that will certainly go after me, they’ll make up whatever they want, they’ll go after Mar-a-Lago, they don’t care,” Posobiec continued.

“You see, they’re kneeling down to their new masters, they’re kneeling down to America’s new secular religion. Their religion of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Or as Charlie says, Diversity Inclusion Equity. DIE.” 

“Understand, there is a revolutionary movement that has taken over the hearts and minds of the national security and law enforcement of our national security state. The leadership of these agencies and even the rank and file are willing to do this. Internalize it. You must internalize it, because the only way out is through. What can we extrapolate from this? We must work harder. We must go into the paint, we must go hard in the paint. Because this is counting down to the final minutes. Do you want liberty? Do you want America? Or do you want more of this?” he concluded.

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