Amanza Smith Teases ‘Selling Sunset’ Season 6 Without Christine Quinn

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Amanza Smith Teases ‘Selling Sunset’ Season 6 Without Christine Quinn

Amanza Smith is trying to achieve calm and serenity, even though she’s currently filming the next season of “Selling Sunset.” With the departure of Christine Quinn — the self-crowned villain of the popular Netflix series, who confirmed she was leaving earlier this year — fans were worried the drama may be gone, too.

Smith thought the same thing herself, and was pleasantly (or maybe unpleasantly) surprised at what was in store for her when cameras started rolling again without Quinn.

About a week in, something happened, and it has not stopped.

Amanza Smith on Season 6 of Selling Sunset

“So we’re currently filming Season Six. I thought OK, let’s just see how it is with the crew, all calm. Please! About a week in, something happened, and it has not stopped,” Smith, 45, told TODAY.

“So Christine was not the only reason drama ensued at The Oppenheim Group. Unfortunately, it’s still present. I try to steer clear as much as I can but when you put nine or however many beautiful women in one office and we’re as competitive as we are, there will be drama.”

Smith also revealed the two new castmates — Nicole Young and Bre Tiesi — who have joined the group of elite real estate agents who deal with some expensive listings in the Hollywood Hills and surrounding Los Angeles area.

Amanza Smith with the Season Five cast of “Selling Sunset.”Netflix

“We have two new girls. One is Bre. She is a new mom. She’s beautiful, a hard worker and has a three-month-old. I don’t know how she does it. And then another new castmate is Nicole. She’s worked with the brokerage for over 10 years but she wasn’t on the show previously. So you will see her, too.”

But what Smith is excited for most is focusing on the new chapters of her life, and closing a few others.

“I’m excited to not have to talk about the past and show everyone what I’ve been doing now as a mother to kicking a–, starting companies, doing my design work, selling real estate and being madly in love.”

Smith says that her boyfriend will be appearing on the next season of the show as well, a person she has kept out of the public eye for the last few years as she has entered it.

“You’ll see my boyfriend,” Smith said. “He makes a cameo appearance, I guess you can say, on FaceTime from across the sea. So finally, people will see who I have been keeping a secret for the past two and a half years.”

Smith with her daughter, Noah.
Smith with her daughter, Noah.Courtesy Amanza Smith

While her boyfriend makes a cameo, her two kids whom she shares with her estranged her ex-husband Ralph Brown may be appearing less than before. Why? Noah, 13, and Braker, 11, are just not interested.

“They think it’s cringey,” Smith said. “They don’t think it’s cool. I’m not the cool mom. I don’t push them to film. I do make jokes. I’m like, ‘Can you guys please film with me at least once because I’ve got this boyfriend that nobody sees and two kids nobody sees?’ My imaginary family and boyfriend.”

Amanza Smith For Eden + Elie Jewelry Launch Event
Smith with Marie-Lou Nurk and Jason Oppenheim.Jerritt Clark / Getty Images for Eden + Elie

Smith talked to TODAY at a launch event for her partnership with jewelry company Eden + Elie titled Spirit of Place. The event — held just a few doors down from The Oppenheim Group offices — had some familiar faces in attendance, including Kane Lime and Kelly Mi Li from “Bling Empire,” and Smith’s bosses Brett and Jason Oppenheim. (Jason was there with his new girlfriend, Marie Lou Nurk; his first romance since breaking up with Chrishell Stauss late last year.)

“This is actually my favorite partnership that I’ve done so far,” Smith said of the jewelry collab. “Stephanie and Leon are so amazing and their company has a really great story. They’re very passionate and I love what they stand for. It was also something different for me, because I’ve never designed jewelry before. It’s very different than designing a home. I know what a home is gonna look like at the end, right in my head. Perfect all the time. This was new, and when I saw the final pieces, I was just like, ‘Whoa.'”

Amanza Smith For Eden + Elie Jewelry Launch Event
Jerritt Clark/Getty Images

The designs are based on three concepts of city, urban and beach. Smith explains that city is the “hustle and bustle” of a place like Los Angeles or New York, urban represents the underground “soul of the city,” and then beach is meant to represent “renewal” and “washing away the bad.”

When told that recent research suggests there really are benefits to being near a body of water — or in what experts call “blue spaces” — Smith said that’s always been a key to her own happiness.

“If I have time, I go to the beach and just sit on the sand, look at the ocean,” she said. “It’s a reminder that like OK, nothing is that great of a problem in comparison. Look at this massive body of water. It’s just calming and soothing for me, and helps get me through whatever I’m dealing with.”

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