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Best 120Hz 4K TVs for next-gen gaming

Editor’s note: October 2022

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The TVs in this guide are among the very best TVs you can buy today, and until recently the LG C1 sat at the top of our list. But now it’s been replaced – by a new version of the same TV, the LG C2. The LG C2 delivers the perfect balance of features and performance, comes in a new and even smaller option and delivers significantly improved performance over its already exceptional predecessor.

While the LG C2 is the best 120Hz TV for most people, there are some compelling alternatives from rival manufacturers – and interesting technologies, including Samsung’s mini-LED and QD-OLED TVs. They’re much brighter than OLED, and in some cases come very close to OLED’s excellent performance in darker scenes too. 

Matt Bolton, Senior Editor, TV & Audio

The best 120Hz 4K TVs are a fantastic choice for both gamers and movie lovers. The 4K resolution on offer here brings you a boatload of pixels for better clarity. While the 120Hz refresh rate means that games play buttery smooth, and 24fps movies play without the ‘judder’ you’ll find on some cheaper TVs.

For gamers, a 120Hz refresh rate means you’ll experience a smoother and sharper picture without that nauseating motion blur you may find when you turn the camera quickly in-game. Some players may not notice a massive difference, but refresh rates are crucial for fast-paced shooters where quick reflexes and frame pacing really counts.

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