Mira Kapoor Shares Hilarious Post About Kaju Katli Post-Diwali, We Can Relate

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Mira Kapoor Shares Hilarious Post About Kaju Katli Post-Diwali, We Can Relate

The festival of lights, Diwali, was celebrated with much aplomb in 2022. After two years of the pandemic, people finally got to meet and greet their family and friends and also enjoy the festivities with full fervor. Just like any other festival, food forms an integral part of the Diwali celebrations too – and one of the all-time favourite sweets for Diwali is kaju katli. Also known as kaju ki barfi, the mithai is popularly gifted during the festival and it is much-loved by foodies too. Turns out that even Mira Kapoor loves the delicious sweet! The diva shared a picture of kaju katli and wrote a hilarious one-liner about it. Take a look:

Mira Kapoor took to Instagram to share her kaju katli cravings. 

In the click, we could see a glass bowl with two kaju katli pieces kept in it. It seemed that Mira Kapoor was trying to resist the urge to finish off the delicious mithai. Blaming it on the sweet, she wrote in the caption, “They need to stop following me.” The hilarious post was indeed relatable, especially during the post-Diwali season when we all have the urge to polish off the leftover mithai.

This is not the only foodie post we have seen by Mira Kapoor. Recently, she shared a throwback click from her ‘Chulha Chadhana’ ceremony, cooking a dish right after she had got married. She appeared to be making some delicious halwa as a new bride, as is the tradition or the custom. “Chulha jalana and all,” she wrote in the caption of the click with the hashtag throwback along with it. Take a look:

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Mira Kapoor regularly shares her foodie indulgences on Instagram. Previously, she was seen enjoying a tasty Pav Bhaji drizzled with oodles of cheese. The backdrop of the sunset made the dish look even more delicious. Take a look:

“Pav Bhaji, sunset & cheese. Who else likes cheese on.. everything,” she wrote in the caption of the post. What did you think of Mira Kapoor’s foodie indulgences? Tell us in the comments below.

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