Rubina Dilaiks Struggle With Paani Puri Is Oh-So-Relatable

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Rubina Dilaiks Struggle With Paani Puri Is Oh-So-Relatable

Paani puri tops the list for any desi when it comes to enjoying a light and tantalising snack. No matter how spiced up the water, is or if your belly is already full, we just can’t have enough of the lip-smacking street food. But, this satisfaction that paani puri offers come with its own struggles and TV actress Rubina Dilaik has perfectly encapsulated that in her recent Instagram Reel. In the video, Rubina has shown what most of us have to go through before we get to treat our taste buds to paani puri. While holding a cup in one hand and paani poori in the other, Rubina reaches for a bite. However, the fragile puri betrays her and ends up breaking into pieces, leaving nothing but disappointment. “Me to paani puri,” the text on the video read as the song Hai Rama from the hit 1995 film Rangeela played in the background.

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Later in the clip, Rubina Dilaik manages to get a good grip on the paani puri and devours it before offering one to her husband, actor Abhinav Shukla. She also gives a glimpse of her paani puri “khaane k baad ka glow”. “Does this happen to you also??” Rubina asked in the caption.

The clip has garnered more than 2.6 lakh views on Instagram within an hour and resonated with many on the platform.

“Sometimes, when it looks so yummy,” a user wrote. 

Another said that it has happened numerous times. 

“Give me half pani puri,” read a comment.

Well, this wasn’t the first time Rubina Dilaik has come up with some relatable content. Earlier, she shared her struggle with using chopsticks. The actress was seen trying to relish the noodles with chopsticks but soon she realised that it was not her cup of tea. Rubina then ditched the chopsticks and picked up a fork instead. 

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